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Understanding the different types of PTO shafts, parts, and their respective uses will help you practice farm machinery better.

tractor pto shafts

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What is a Tractor Pto Shaft?

The tractor PTO shaft has two parts. One is the main shaft, and the other is the secondary shaft. Together, these parts propel the tractor forward and help it move equipment. They have safety shields on both ends and vary in length and shape. PTO axles are most commonly used on two-speed tractors.
PTO shafts are an important part of a tractor because they help transfer power from the tractor’s engine to connected equipment. They allow small tractors to do many different jobs. They can be attached to the front, back or side of the accessory. The power of the PTO shaft powers the attachment. They also work with different types of attachments, so you should refer to your tractor’s manual to find out which attachment is best for your tractor.

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Important Things to Consider

Size is one of the least important aspects when buying a PTO shaft, as replacing shafts almost always requires cutting before installation, but functionality and durability are the two most important aspects to consider. If you need a PTO shaft to turn your fertilizer spreader/broadcaster, then you may not have to worry about pressure relief; a lightweight shaft may be your best option. However, if you live in North Carolina like me and have to dig some of our famous hard red clay, you will want to consider your PTO shaft a little more material than others. Depending on your preference, you also have to decide between shearing the bolt or slipping the clutch.

tractor pto shafts

Precautions for using PTO shaft

When looking at PTO shafts, you must understand the forces exerted on these important components and the safety mechanisms that must be in place to protect yourself and your investment. The first thing you notice when looking at the PTO shaft is the plastic sleeve that wraps the entire length of the shaft between the tractor and the attachment, the metal shaft actually turns inside this sleek protective casing, preventing curious onlookers from grabbing The high horsepower turns the shaft and does take some damage to their hands and arms. The next thing you might notice are the bolts and plates at one end of the shaft, these are the automatic pressure relief systems that the manufacturer puts on them to relieve pressure if, for example, the tiller section digs into hard ground , it won’t energize, one of two things will happen, the slip clutch will engage and absorb most of the excess energy, or the “shear” bolt will snap off, allowing the PTO to turn freely while separating the power to the work of the actual attachment part. Tractor PTO shafts come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to get close to the exact size of the shaft needed for a specific application, but almost all PTO shafts require cutting to fit properly!

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To identify the type, you need to look at the shape of the axis. Regardless of the type, the front axle is the same as the countershaft. However, the front axle is larger to allow the countershaft to fit inside. In this way, the debris can collapse like a telescope during motion.

  • Domestic shafts will be one of four shapes – round, rectangular, square or splined.
  • Metric shafts can be star, bell or football.

PTO Shaft for Sale

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Tractor PTO Shaft Type

The tractor PTO shaft is an important part to keep your tractor working smoothly and safely. They help transmit power from the engine to various accessories. Plus, they’re designed to protect your tools from damage. Depending on your specific tractor, you can choose from a variety of different types of PTO axles.
The best way to determine the best PTO for your tractor is to read the manufacturer’s manual. This will give you an understanding of the various types and characteristics of tractor PTO shafts. You should also be able to find a reliable source for your new PTO shaft.
The tractor PTO shaft consists of two telescopic parts that slide into each other. The shaft is also equipped with U-joints that hold the components together. Each end of the PTO shaft has a safety guard.
There are four main types of PTO shafts. They include transmission, independent, metric and domestic. Each of these has some unique features.
Transmission PTOs are the simplest type of PTO. It is directly connected to the tractor gearbox. However, this is a downside when it comes to mowing applications. Unlike a stand-alone PTO, a transmission PTO only works when you remove the clutch from the tractor. If you have a grass mowing application, consider a different PTO.


The PTO transmits power from the tractor to the equipment of your choice. The PTO drivetrain is the source of all components on the tractor that require power. PTO drivetrains are often overlooked in routine maintenance inspections, but should not be overlooked because they are critical when operating farm equipment.

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