Tractor PTO Shafts

4 Series PTO Shaft with 1-3/8 in. x 6-Spline

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The Series 4 PTO drivetrain is designed to connect your tractor to your implement. Durable steel construction prevents damage to the drivetrain and the environment from everyday use for long-lasting functionality. The three-blade design of the drive shaft improves power transfer for additional efficiency during operation.

  • PTO shaft assemblies provide reliable operation
  • 4 series PTO drive shaft for easy compatibility
  • The total length is 37 inches when retracted and 50 inches when fully extended.
  • Can be cut to length to better-fit tractors and implements
  • The tractor yoke has 1-3/8 x 6 splined quick-disconnect connectors
  • Implement yoke is 1-3/8 round with through holes for shear bolts
  • Tri-lobe for optimum power transfer through the driveline
  • Rated for 35 HP at 540 RPM or 54 HP at 1000 RPM
  • Guarding over the drive shafts and joints meet or exceeds safety standards
  • Cross and bearing kits are replaceable (sold separately)
Specification Description
Country of Origin Imported
Brand Compatibility Universal
Model Compatibility Tractors, Implements
Primary Material Steel
Product Height 6 in.
Product Length 43 in.
Product Weight 25 lb.
Product Width 6 in.
Tractor PTO Part Type Drivelines
Manufacturer Part Number 27-015

How does PTO work?

A PTO transfers power from an engine to another piece of equipment or machinery that does not have its own engine or motor. Power is transmitted through the drive shaft.
The tractor’s PTO shaft transmits power from the tractor to the PTO-driven machine or implement. The drive shaft is connected from the machine to the PTO shaft of the tractor. The PTO and drive shaft rotate at 540 rpm (9 times per second) or 1,000 rpm (16.6 times per second), significantly faster than our reaction time

What is a PTO shaft?

A power take-off (PTO) shaft is a mechanical device used to transfer rotational power and torque from the engine (usually through a transmission) between the tractor and implements or accessories. Early PTOs were primarily driven by a transmission located at the rear of the tractor – this allowed easy access to the output shaft.
There are two main types of freestanding PTOs; mechanical and hydraulic.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Drive Shaft?

We understand that time is money for most of our customers, so we strive to provide the fastest turnaround time on our farm shafts.

Agricultural drive shafts require a great deal of attention, and safety is very important when operating any and all drive shafts. We will be able to provide you with an appropriate turnaround time estimate when you submit your order. We will notify you of any potential obstacles that could affect the readiness time of your farm drive shaft, such as parts availability and shipping times. Also, we will give you a quote before your propshaft is complete.

What Can We Provide

Our line of PTO shafts are available in a variety of lengths. These are rated for compact tractors and machinery. Length is measured by the overall length of the drive shaft when closed. Safety bolt and slip clutch (torque limited) PTO shafts are also available. These stop the drive from the tractor to the machine during overwork and are popular in rotary machines and other ground care equipment. All axles can be extended to a certain extent to accommodate different tractor attachments; lawn mowers, topping machines, rotary machines, etc.